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Talking it over: Where do you start?

It seems like just maybe, spring has arrived. We can only hope that the snow is done and things will start to get more spring-like very soon. Now the only problem is deciding what to do first when it comes to all the spring projects.

For some it may be easy to decide. Either they don’t have a lot of spring projects or there is one major thing, like getting the fields planted, that will take precedence over anything else. For me, there is a big mix of things to do, so I struggle when it comes to deciding what to do first.

Saturday I had lots of plans for what I wanted to get done. Since I am planning to have a garage sale next month, the drawers and closets are just waiting for me to sort through and mark items to sell.

However, my husband and the weather made for other plans. The afternoon was so beautiful that I found I simply could not stay indoors. My husband asked me to help move some of our outdoor furniture from the shed to the patio which got me started on moving other things. Soon I found myself busy cleaning and tinkering on anything that would keep me outside. I looked at my dirty windows but even that would mean some time inside so those will just have to stay dirty for a bit longer.

I was able to still do some of my work for the garage sale as I could go through things in the garage store room and mark them on a table inside the garage with the doors wide open. It was almost like actually being out there.

When I finally went back in the house I just had to open up the doors and let some of that fresh air inside. This winter has been long enough and it is time to let the outdoors in.

There are still a lot of projects to be done, but I now try to focus my attention on the outdoors ones when the weather is nice and accomplish the indoor projects on cold and windy days. I just hope there are enough of both in order to get everything done.