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Talking it over: Wet but fun fair

I had a great time at the fair over the weekend despite the wet weather. Other than getting pretty wet on Sunday afternoon, we managed to take in events between the showers.

I especially enjoyed the 4-H judging events and was able to share some of the time at these with my granddaughters. They had a lot of questions about what was going on and I even had a few answers. Since my children were avidly involved in 4-H, it is always a hope to continue the tradition. I think that they are both interested enough to convince their parents to give it a try.

The entertainment throughout the fair grounds was wonderful. I really enjoyed the magic shows, music and even the little puppets on trikes that the children were thrilled to talk to. It made things very magical for them. The wonderful displays in the buildings were also great and I want to thank everyone who took the time to bring things in for these buildings. You don’t always need to get a blue ribbon to make it enjoyable. I liked looking at all the entries, not just the big ribbon winners.

Naturally the food wasn’t too bad either. I must have tried just about all of the stands and can’t say I even had a favorite. There are usually a few things that I just have to have and then some new ones I have to try each year. It was all delicious.

With all that food intake, I made sure to walk from one end of the fair to the other several times. Other than the rain the weather was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold. Most people didn’t complain too much about the badly needed rain.

I have to admit though, that my absolute favorite part of the fair was being able to share it with my entire family. Both of our children, their spouses and all six grandchildren were there and spent Saturday afternoon on rides and looking in buildings. It was a delight to not just watch them on rides but to see them squeal with delight when a pig sucked on their toes or look up in awe at the big cows. They will be talking about riding on a real pony for a long time. Those are the type of memories that make the fair such a special time of year.