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Talking it over: A weekend of fun

I had another one of those great weekends spent with my children and grandchildren. All six of the little ones spent time at our home with their parents and we had a lot of fun. On Sunday we even had an early Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt which everyone enjoyed a great deal.

Our one grandson was a bit outnumbered with the five granddaughters but he managed to have some male bonding time with Grandpa and his dad. He was thrilled to be able to shoot his new gun at our target set up last November before hunting season. I was listening in the house for the shots and after hearing only one, I went outside to see if something went wrong with the gun. Instead, I found Tristyn gingerly holding his arm and telling me that he thought it was broken from the gun ‘kick’ after the shot. Needless to say, it was not broken but he may sport a nice bruise that he can show off to his friends.

The little girls had so much fun with some of the old dresses and clothes I keep in one of my closets. Some of them were our daughter’s old prom dresses and others were dresses from special occasions such as weddings. One of their favorite dress-up outfits was a cape I made prior to our daughters wedding. This cape was a practice one  made of shiny fabric that included a hood trimmed in fur. The girls thought it looked like the cape worn by one of the princesses in the movie Frozen so it was extremely popular. I may have to find that old pattern and make a couple capes for the girls. Of course, that would mean I would have to dig out and dust off the old sewing machine, something I haven’t done for awhile.

On Sunday afternoon, after everyone left, I spent some time putting things away and even had a short nap to recuperate. It is a bit exhausting to have the house full and busy but also a lot of fun. I found myself busy preparing food while the little ones slept and then playing with them when they were awake. We had lots of hugs, kisses and tiny whispers of “I love you grandma.” Those were the best parts of the weekend.

The house is very quiet now and the refrigerator is full of leftovers. In some ways it is nice, at least more relaxing, but I miss them all already. I can understand why people say it is nice to see them come but also nice to see them go. It is the perfect balance of both worlds.