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Talking it over: Two time the fun

Last week my husband and I spent three days with our twin granddaughters who are two years old. This was the first time we had the twins alone at our home and at first I was a bit apprehensive as to whether they would get homesick or not. We met our son half-way on Wednesday night and then brought Izzy and Addy to our home.

Not a tear was shed on the way home. We borrowed a movie player and the two were totally engrossed in watching that until we arrived home. Then they were so busy with the toys and eating ice cream that they didn’t even think about Mommy and Daddy.

The night went well and so did the next two days and nights. It was very busy as we baked cookies, swam in the pool, played outside and investigated the entire property. Their favorite part was playing on the swing set and I think they would have spent the entire time there if Grandpa and Grandma were willing.

The evening of the first day, Grandpa and I were sitting outside with the girls or, I should say trying to sit, and I commented that it was very different than having any of the other grandkids there on a visit. With the twins, it was twice as much getting up and down, twice as many requests for things, and twice as much entertaining. However, there was also twice as many hugs, twice as many questions to answer and twice as much fun. Even though we were exhausted, we had so much fun and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves.

On the last night of the visit, two more granddaughters arrived, Jaedyn and Josie, who are five and three. The girls played so good together and I could finally just sit back and watch. That night I prepared all four of them for bed by reading them a story together. It was quite entertaining as they recited the story along with me and quite often beat me to the punch since they knew it by heart. It was heart-warming to see them all snuggle and giggle together as I read to them.

The next day we traveled to the Cities to meet up with our son and his wife and return the girls to their home. They screamed with delight when they spotted Mom and dad and Grandpa and I let out a collective sigh of relief. We  would miss their happy faces and frequent hugs but would now be able to relax a little bit and just reflect on the fun time with them.

Just before they left us, Addy  came and sat on my lap and asked if she could come back to my house. I told her of course she could, any time, just give Grandpa and Grandma time to recover a bit from this visit.