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Talking it over: Tax season

This is the time of year that I dread. Not only because of the cold temperatures or the confinement indoors but because it is also tax season. For some people it may be a time they look forward to as they can file for a refund from the government. However, even if at times, I do get a refund, I still do not anticipate the paperwork involved before filing.

Each year my husband and I try to be more organized about our tax papers. We try to keep track of deductions throughout the year and be aware of things that might benefit us at tax time. We file away reports, receipts and statements. We are diligent about staying on top of things.

However it never fails, as we pore over the forms to be brought to our accountant, there always seems to be something missing or questionable. No matter how organized we are, when we approach that appointment we are missing a report or two and often end up having to make a second or third trip.

I realize the reason for taxes even though I often question how our tax money is spent. Without paying taxes we wouldn’t have nice roads to drive on, schools to send our children or government entities to keep us regulated. We need the police and military protection our tax dollars cover and believe it or not we even need the lawmakers who determine how much tax we will pay. But do we really need all the paperwork required simply to file a tax return?

Many people are able to do the simple or ‘easy’ form for their taxes. However if you have any kind of additional forms that must be filed with it, you can quickly become muddled down in paperwork that only an accountant can figure out. Acquiring that help or advice is not only time consuming but also not cheap.

Within the next few weeks we hope to have our tax return completed and ready to file. If we need to pay in, the forms will sit on my desk until April 15. However if we are able to get a refund, you can bet your boots, they will be in the mail immediately. Then we can sit back and breathe a little easier as tax season is over for another year.