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Talking it over: Take pride in your community

We have a few weeks before the Fourth ofJuly celebration in Hancock and our city leaders are asking for cooperation from property owners in the community. It is a simple request which most honor without encouragement. They are just asking for people to clean up and spruce up their properties.

Now is the time to do those summer projects like painting, planting and clearing away garbage and debris. It is the perfect time to plant flowers, pull weeds and trim around buildings and other objects in the yards. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of extra people in town looking at our homes and properties.

Even as the outward appearance of the town is taking shape so are the plans for another wonderful celebration. The Lions Club has been working hard on these plans as are several other groups in the community. The Lions take on the majority of the tasks and get everything organized.

Several years ago, it was the Commercial Club group who did this job and my husband and I were members of the group. We know first hand how much work goes into the event. Many of those years we served a huge community supper and we all know how much work it is to plan and serve a meal like this. Needless to say, we were pretty wore out when the celebration was over but extremely proud of our community. A good deal of that pride came from the wonderful comments visitors would give us about the community.

Let’s continue to strive for those positive observations as we look toward the upcoming celebration. If you are a property owner, take a look at things from a visitors perspective and make changes that could improve appearances. It might just mean a little bit of paint or pulling a few weeds. Whatever, it takes, take pride in your property and pride in the community as we prepare for the influx of visitors for the Fourth of July weekend.