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Talking it over: take the pain away

It is very hard for a parent to see their child in pain but I have come to realize that is also very difficult for the grandparents. This last weekend our grandson, Tristyn, underwent an emergency appendectomy. As we waited for updates from our son, all I could think about was wishing I could bear the pain for Tristyn as he waited for the surgery.

It was a long day for all of us but especially Tristyn. His pain started early in the day and the surgery didn’t take place until late that night. With each update Jamie sent us, I just kept wishing it would be over for him.

In some ways, his youth and innocence was a good thing. He had no idea what was ahead of him. He didn’t know what it meant to have ‘surgery’ and was kept pretty much pain free with medication. However, that innocence is now changed as the word ‘surgery’ will carry a new meaning for him.

I was able to call and talk to him the next morning but it was obvious that he was still pretty groggy. It was hard to understand him and he didn’t have much to say about the entire procedure. Once again I found myself wishing that I could trade places with him and take his pain away.

I know that as a ten year old boy he will bounce back pretty quickly. He will be coming to our place this weekend so I will be able to see for myself how he is doing. I am sure he will be happy to show off his incisions and tell me all about it then.

With six grandchildren, I am sure there will be more surgeries, illnesses and pain ahead in their lives. It would be impossible for Grandma to take on all their pain and there may even come a point in their lives when they will wish to take my pain away. I just hope all of it is very minimal and the results are always good.