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Talking it over: the spirit of Christmas

I am now officially in the Christmas spirit. I attended two wonderful programs during the week and these were enough to put me in the mood for Christmas once again.

On Sunday, I joined a church full of proud parents, grandparents, friends and relatives to watch the Sunday School Christmas program. Our granddaughters were so proud of their pretty Christmas dresses and did a wonderful job on their song and Christmas recital. The simple story they told put everything into perspective for me.

Then on Monday night, I attended the programs at the school. It was great to again watch one of my grandchildren along with several other children I have come to know, as they sang and performed throughout the evening. This should have been enough to get even the biggest Scrooge into the Christmas spirit. The students and directors did a great job and I thank them for their hard work.

As this paper comes out, there are only two weeks left until the big day. I have managed to get my shopping done, the decorations are up and the presents are wrapped. I am working on doing some baking but this week, my priority is to get the Christmas section completed for next week’s paper. To do this, I am typing up the letters to Santa, wish lists, traditions, and other items written up by the students. Their innocent ideas and desires along with the knowledge of the real meaning for the season, is inspirational.

One more reason for my growing Christmas spirit is that many prayers are being answered and my husband’s health is starting to improve. His kidney function is returning slowly and hopefully continue to get better. There is more and more hope with each passing week.

I hope that each of you can enjoy the celebrations of this season and find something that will get you into the spirit of Christmas.