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Talking it over: Special days in May

The month of May has a lot of special days that can either make you smile or bring tears to your eyes. Not only is it a month of new life after winter but a time to honor loved ones and remember those no longer with us.

One of the first of these special days is Mother’s Day. A day to honor your mother through visits, calls, cards or gifts, that is if you are lucky enough to still have your mother with you. If so, I hope you all made certain to spend quality time with her. For many, however, our mothers have passed away and we are left with an empty feeling on Mother’s Day. We miss them so much and wish for just one more brief moment with them.

With Mother’s Day behind us, we start to attend some graduations. These, for the most part, are happy times but also mark the end of an era for our family members and friends. A time to move on and out of the home. Very soon, it will be time to say goodbye as they venture out to new and exciting futures that usually mean less time spent with family.

After drying all our tears from these two events, we come to Memorial Day. A time to set out flowers on the graves of our loved ones and attend services to recognize our fallen heroes. I love how the cemeteries look with all the beautiful flowers but it saddens me to think about the many loved ones now resting there and no longer with us.

While May is a time for new life through flowers, trees, lawns, fields and gardens, it is also a time to think about the lives behind us and before us. A time to remember the people who have made us who we are today and to help shape the lives of future generations. So smile through the tears this May and look ahead to what we hope will be a great future.