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Talking it over: Saving valentines

When we moved a few years ago I threw out a lot of stuff. Things that I had kept through the years for sentimental reasons but suddenly realized I really didn’t need to keep. Among the things that landed in the garbage can were some valentine gifts.

Over the years I had saved a few heart shape candy boxes, some stuffed animals bearing cute message, coffee cups with hearts and lips, a couple over-sized valentine cards and even some dried flowers pressed between pages of books.

As I found these little keepsakes, I looked them over and read the messages with a smile and even a tiny tear in my eye. They were very special to me but I soon realized that I really didn’t need those mementos to remember the meaning that accompanied them. I could still feel the love with which they were given.

There were a few valentines that made it through the move. A couple little things that were just too special for me to toss out. I have several of the homemade valentines that my children made for me in school and in Sunday School. I kept the scribbled notes left on the kitchen table on Valentines Day. You know the ones. They say ‘forgot to buy a card but just want you to know I love you!!’

I kept a few promise notes that my daughter gave me one year for Valentine’s Day. They are little homemade coupons good for a night off from cooking, washing dishes, vacumning, dusting and best of all, good for a hug or kiss whenever I need it. I think I cashed in on those coupons but managed to keep them and reuse them often.

I still wear the beautiful ring my son and his wife gave me on the first Valentine’s Day that they were together. The red color always reminds me of their love and thoughtfulness.

I also still wear the extra pounds that all that Valentine’s candy added to my waistline. But every single one of those pounds was given to me with love so I appreciate them (yah, right!).

But most of all I have kept, in my heart, the messages that those simple Valentines have sent to me. It is  a day that is not exclusively for lovers but a day to give your love extensively. Spread it around in any little way you can and enjoy what you get in return. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!