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Talking it over: Ready for Spring

We are slowly progressing into one of my favorite times of year - spring. It’s a time of freshening and cleansing. It almost feels like you have been holding your breath for months and can now finally exhale deeply.

Winter is a generic season to me. Everything seems to be black and white and lacking texture. As you look around, you see bare trees, white ground, black dirt and gray skies. As spring erupts, colors emerge, the air smells fresh (most of the time) and the birds sing happily as they prepare to build their nests.

A rainbow of colors can be found in the green grass and trees, colorful tulips, daffodils and crocuses pop through, and sky becomes clear and blue. There is a vast amount of colorful farm machinery turning the soil, sowing seeds and applying fertilizers. Even the colors in spring clothing can be an uplifting sight.

The smell of spring is in the air with apple blossoms, lilies, lilacs and peonies budding and blooming. The sound of raking leaves and the smell of burning branches is a reminder of fresh green grass and leaves on the trees. Birds sing happily as daily their numbers increase by the hundreds.

Yes, I am more than ready for this season. Spring may also heralds considerable work for those who plant gardens, farm or plan some major house cleaning. However, after the long winter months, I’m sure we are all anxious to get to work. To dig down into the rich black soil, plant a tiny seed and watch it grow into a strong healthy plant. That is what spring is all about!