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Talking it over: Play on words

Last week my husband and I took some time to host our twin three-year-old granddaughters for a couple days. We picked up Izzy and Addy on Wednesday and they returned home on Friday after a busy few days and nights of playing. I think all of us were pretty exhausted but had a great time together.

Naturally, we had some memorable times but a few have to stand out in my mind. One of these was a simple case of misunderstood words that still causes me to smile when I think about it.

On Thursday I loaded up the girls and headed to the pool in Benson where we would meet my daughter and two more granddaughters. The girls were so excited to go swimming and play with their cousins. I tried to have them rest for a while before but they were just too excited so we left a little early.

I decided to drive slowly and give the girls a little tour of the countryside. We spotted a doe with two little fawns and Izzy was so happy when she saw some cows. I told them about the crops in the field and said that soon we would be able to have corn on the cob.

To this information I quickly got a concerned reply from Addy. She said “will it hurt us.” I said “no Addy the corn on the cob won’t hurt us.”

“But will they shoot us,” she replied. To this I had to think and wondered if she was thinking of popcorn so I said no they wouldn’t shoot us. She thought a little more and then asked “but Grandma, if they think we are bad guys won’t they come after us.”

I really had to think after that question and it finally dawned on me that she thought I said cop not cob and that we would be having corn on a cop. I was at a loss for words as I tried to figure out how to explain corn on a cob instead of corn on a cop. I finally just told her that no, they would not come after us and let it go at that.

Addy forgot all about the corn and instead enjoyed the swimming and animals we got to see. Both girls loved standing at the kitchen window that night and watching a deer graze on the grass just below.

I am sure they will have lots of stories to share of their time with Grandpa and Grandma at the lake but we will also have some great stories to tell of our time with them.