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Talking it over: Olympic mania

The winter Olympics will be starting today and  I understand, will dominate some of our television stations for several weeks.  In many ways I am not looking forward to this as some of my favorite programs will be canceled or delayed during the Olympics.

During past Olympics, I  have tended to get caught up in some of the competitions.  There is something about watching the athletes compete and feeling their joys and sorrows as they perform. It quickly gets me hooked and I look forward to catching up each evening.

My favorite sports to watch are the ice skating competitions. It is such a beautiful, elegant competition. The skaters make it look so easy but from personal experience on ice, I know that it is very difficult. I have trouble just balancing on the skates much less jumping and landing solidly on that narrow strip.

I also enjoy watching the downhill skiing.  I can’t believe how much power and speed they build up to as they fly down those hils and over the jumps.

Another part of the Olympic coverage that I like is the tidbits of history they sprinkle in. Not just from past Olympic games but the historical settings. I love seeing some of the famous places in countries where the Olympics are being held. It is also fun to see the styles and customs of these countries.

This year it has been sad to see all the hoopla about possible terroristic threats at the Olympics. I certainly hope nothing happens to the athletes and fans at these Olympic games because they do not deserve to be hurt because of political controversies.

I’m glad that the Olympics are held only every couple years because you could get tired of it in a hurry. However now that they are here it is a nice change of pace to follow the athletes through the grueling days of competition. I look forward to the award ceremonies and the beaming faces of the medal winners. They are proof that hard work and dedication to a cause can take you to wonderful new places and give you rewards beyond words.