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Talking it over: Life on the run

At home and at my office, I keep a calendar where I can write down and keep track of events coming up. It is a great reminder for me and also helps my husband keep track of where I am or have to be so he can also plan his appointments. It has been a great deal of help over the years and when I look at it, also a source of wonder as we try to keep our lives organized.

This weekend I turned the calendar over to May to write in a few events and was astounded by how much has already been filled in for the month. The days are full of concerts, meetings, ballgames, track meets, graduations and doctor appointments. Mix in with those a few birthdays, dance recital, and of upmost importance, the fishing opener. As I looked at it, I had to wonder when we would find time to fish, plant the garden, mow the lawn and maybe just enjoy some nice weather outside.

I thought our lives were busy when the children were still in school, but it hasn’t seemed to slow down much. I guess we have added in some events for our grandchildren and, of course, those doctor appointments come around often. Things just don’t seem to be slowing down no matter how hard we try.

There are a lot of things I would really like to do that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for. I would like to take time to visit with my aging relatives before they are gone forever. I would love to travel more and see certain places in the state or even United States before my husband and I are unable to do so. I want to downsize the amount of things we have accumulated over the years, passing things on, throwing away or having a large sale so others can make use of them. I could name many other things on my bucket list but I am afraid a lot of those will never be accomplished.

For now I will just enjoy the places and events where I do have to spend my time.  I really do like going to the concerts, award programs, graduations and even the ballgames. They have been a part of my life for several decades and I enjoy seeing the accomplishments of each new generation. I also love to follow the grandchildren as they grow, learn and show off their talents. But if there is ever a nice night in May and the fish are biting, you might just find me absent. My husband and I will be taking a few rare moments to enjoy time on the lake and forget about the dates on the calendar.