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Talking it over: Hunting season

It is time for the deer to take cover as I prepare one more time for the annual deer season. I will venture out a few evenings this week and get up early on Saturday morning (maybe Sunday too) to see if I can scare a few deer by taking a shot at them. If I’m lucky, it just might be one of those rare years when I actually get a deer.

Usually by now the members of our party have been busy scouting and looking for signs of deer. Where we live there have been lots of signs throughout the summer, as the deer invaded my garden nightly. Even a post dressed with mens clothing that we stuck into the garden soil did not scare them away.

My husband and I have seriously been considering simply sitting in the back yard and watching the garden area. This unique deer post is becoming even more of a consideration as a relative, whose husband and children were posting in a nearby stand, had to actually shoo away a couple of deer checking out the garden this weekend. Her efforts to head them toward the stands did not work so those deer just might return to the garden.

If we do manage to get one of them, it should be a tasty treat. They have been filling up on beets, green beans, corn, cabbage and carrots all summer long. Those roasts won’t even need the vegetables on the side. They should be flavored right in the meat.

Our hunting party has grown a bit as a few first year hunters will join us this year. Over the weekend one of the newbies, Ben, actually was able to shoot at a buck and I was so pleased for him. He will have a great story to tell his friends and a good memory of his first hunt, even though he didn’t get the deer.

This coming weekend our grandson will join us. He is not old enough quite yet to shoot a gun but will be able to sit in the stands with us and learn the importance of patience and silence. This could be a tough one for him but important for his future success in hunting.

While excited for the new generation of hunters, those of us in the oldest generation have our own struggles. Health and stamina are taking its toll and the hunting becomes more difficult with each season. We continue to try to keep the tradition going for the future generations.

Perhaps this year I should just put on some baggy men’s clothing, stand like a post in the garden, and the deer will walk right up to me. Then my shot will not only scare them but, perhaps, keep them from returning to destroy my garden next summer.