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Talking it over: A great cartoon

I think the Doc McStuffins cartoon is one of best ever made. I have watched many episodes with my grandchildren and I am amazed at the wonderful messages it gives to children.

For those of you who have not watched it, the cartoon is about a little girl, whose mother is a doctor, who spends time fixing up broken toys. She has a magic stethoscope that makes the toys ‘come to life’ and she can then find out their symptoms and make a diagnosis. She has a big book of boo-boos and each has a name and a treatment.

Going to the doctor is a scary thing for children but seeing how kind and helpful Doc McStuffins is with toys, might just help little ones who have their own doctor visits. My grandchildren now have a new game they like to play and that is to pretend they are Doc McStuffins and can fix up their toys and even Grandpa and Grandma.

Recently during one of my visits with my granddaughters, Jaedyn and Josie, we had to play ‘doctor’ with their Doc McStuffins doctor sets. Jaedyn asked me what was wrong with me and I told her I had a sore toe because I stubbed it on a chair. She did a very thorough ‘check up’ of my toe and then declared that I had a case of ‘toeatosis.’ I had to smile because this is a typical diagnosis from the cartoon.

I wish it was possible to fix toys, and even people, as easily as this . It makes me smile just to see her kind and gentle manner when it comes to the problems. It has to help children who watch and play these games to be more relaxed when it comes to doctor visits.

I may have to start recording more of the Doc McStuffins episodes to share with the grandchildren when they visit. I would much rather spend time watching this cartoon than many of the other ones that are sometimes requested. At least with this one, I feel they gain something positive from the program.