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Talking it over: Feeling blessed

I feel very blessed. Many people who go through trying times may not feel that way but I have realized that through the tough times you find how fortunate you truly are. The blessings you get from the people close to you, and even some you don’t even know, is tremendous.

While my husband’s struggles are not over completely, we think that we are at a point where we can feel a little more relaxed about the future and at the same time reflect on the many people who have helped us through this.

At the top of that list would have to be the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who have worked so hard to get to the bottom of this and come up with a treatment. They are so knowledgeable and will readily admit when they are perplexed. We have been comforted that they are just as determined to get answers as we were.

I also have to say that we are so very blessed with our family and friends who have constantly been there for us. So many thoughts and prayers have been with us and we have felt them. What a blessing to be surrounded by caring people.

Two men that we have depended on a great deal this winter are Barry and Chuck Nelson. Stan hasn’t been able to work with the tractor and do the snow blowing so they have been kind and diligent about keeping us cleaned out. That has not been an easy task this winter and we appreciate everything they have done.

Our church family has been wonderful. They have not only remembered us with prayers and cards but also with special treats now and then. Pastor Miller is so very caring and understanding and constantly checking in with us for updates or other things we might need. Another big blessing in our lives.

Our employers and fellow workers have been wonderful. They have helped out when we could not work and comforting through the tough times. Hopefully we can both be back in full force soon and repay their kindness.

We have received many cards and gifts through this and it has been very appreciated. Some of the gifts were so thoughtful such as a gas cards to help out with all the travel expenses or the many offers to drive us to appointments. Sometimes just a random meal takes a little bit of stress out of the busy schedule. These have helped tremendously.

I know I can’t name everyone or list everything that people have done for us so please know that we appreciate whatever has been sent our way or heavenward on our behalf. We are feeling very blessed and looking with hope toward the future.