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Talking it over: Favorite hymns

I recently attended a church service and joined the congregation singing one of my favorite hymns “Amazing Grace.” It is an old, old hymn that can make me feel both happy and sad at the same time.

The beautiful hymn is a favorite for many people, almost as popular as “How Great Thou Art.” These two hymns are sung or played at funerals, celebrations and accompany videos, movies and so many different things. I love to see some of the shared emails that have beautiful nature and natural sights on display with one of these hymns playing in the background.

These two hymns are also sung at funerals which can bring back some very sad memories. “Amazing Grace” was one of my mom’s favorite hymns so I think of her whenever it is played or sung.

On this Sunday, instead of letting the words make me sad, I looked around at the many people in the church singing with all their heart, a song that holds special meaning for each of them. I couldn’t help but feel the love and caring that was going into the words. Some of the older members were not even looking in the hymnals since they knew the words to the song by heart. Instead, you could see both the joy and sadness on their faces as they sang the popular hymn.

It almost felt like many arms were surrounding and comforting each of us. Being a part of a congregation and singing songs like these together is like being a family. Joined together with so many common goals and beliefs, working together on many things, and caring for each other in special ways.

I can’t imagine going through life without this. Surrounded by a family each week, worshipping, praying and singing with all your heart. This is truly the ‘amazing’ part of “Amazing Grace.”