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Talking it over: Children and Christmas

It is often said that Christmas can be seen best through the eyes of a child. However, a child needs to learn about the special things surrounding the holiday from adults.

Naturally a child enjoys Christmas because of the presents. But there is so much more to the season that adults can help them learn. There is the joy of giving, the wonder of the sights and sounds, the love shared between families and friends and the true meaning that surrounds the entire event.

In the next few weeks, we will be able to attend several concerts and programs put on by children. Adults will diligently be preparing them for these performances and the children will be obediantely doing their part. Hopefully, as they sing and recite their lines, they will also be realizing what they are expressing.

In the newspaper, we will be busy preparing our annual Christmas section. I love to read the short items shared by the children and I am always thrilled that so many of them realize the true meaning for the season. Quite often they share their favorite memories which include attending church services, helping the less fortunate and getting together with family.

Throughout the next few weeks, I hope you will share some of your thoughts about Christmas with the children around you. It is important for children to learn these wonderful lessons from the adults they look up to. However, it will also be good for the adults to look at the children and learn a little bit more about the wonder of Christmas as seen through their eyes. This is something we often forget through the hustle and bustle of the season. Let the children remind us of the joy within the season and in turn, we can remind them about the reason for the season.