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Talking it over: Becoming lazy

Every time some new type of technology is introduced that saves us time and exercise, I can’t help but think about how lazy our society is becoming. It seems like more and more things are being done by a push of the button or even just voice operated. We no longer have to get up out of chairs to do many things that once gave us even a moderate amount of exercise.

The latest thing I heard about was voice operated temperature control for our homes. I can’t believe that very soon we will not have to get up to turn the heat up or down, we just have to say we are warm or cold and the thermostat will adjust the temperature to our command. Isn’t it bad enough that we can do almost everything else by remote? Now we can also set the temperature.

To me, some of the things that are now operated by remote just make us more and more sedentary. Some of us don’t even have to walk over to a window in order to close the blinds, it can be done by remote. We don’t have to sit in a cold car and warm it up, the remote start will do that. We don’t even have to unfold a map to get the directions of where we are going. GPS can handle that for us. We don’t have to watch where we are planting or harvesting because the tractors and combines can tell us those things.

There are many other things that are making us more and more lazy. However, society has come up with a way to contradict the lack of regular exercise in our daily lives. We sign-up for health club programs and walk on a paved walking path, run on a rubber treadmill, lift preset weights and stretch our muscles with bands and bars. All things that were once done through simple work around the home and office.

Personally I would rather walk around town and check out what is going on than spend time walking indoors but Minnesota weather doesn’t always make that feasible. I love to exercise in a pool or lake but once again weather dictates this. Therefore, I try to get exercise by doing things the old-fashion way. By getting up out of my chair and manually operating the things that I still can or getting down on the floor and doing some sit-ups and push-ups. It isn’t as much exercise that people once got when they had to cut wood, haul water and cultivate by hand, but for now, it looks a lot better than what is coming in the future.