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Talking it over: Another year ends

This is our final issue of the year and I have to say I am not unhappy that this year is coming to an end. I have begun to think that the ‘13’ in the year was unlucky for my family in many ways and hopefully ‘14’ will be better.

It may not have been unlucky for others, however.

There have been many great things that did happen around the community this year. The one that tops the list in my opinion, is the construction work at the school. The new wing and remodeling has given this community a beautiful new school and it is so wonderful to see all the happy, smiling faces of the students, teachers and staff members when you stop in there.

We have seen some other great things too. There have been weddings, births, anniversaries and other special events for many families in the area. Our children (and the adults) have gotten another year older and hopefully made some great memories during the year.

Many of our local businesses and area farms have seen progress and success during the year. The weather cooperated for the most part, and it was a good productive year.

Personally, we added another grandchild to our family and watched each of them grow and learn more with every day. It is so fun to see their exuberance and energy. I wish some of that energy could be rubbed off on me at times.

Naturally with the good comes the bad and we have also said goodbye to many wonderful friends and family members. It is sad to think about starting a new year without them, but it is something they would want us to do.

I hope your year was filled with more good and that the coming year will also be good to each of you.

Happy New Year!