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Talking it over: America's favorite pastime

There is nothing like sitting in a lawn chair on a beautiful summer day, eating popcorn and watching a good game of baseball. I can see why this has been called ‘America’s favorite pastime,’ you just can’t beat the relaxation it gives you. Of course, some may find other things quite relaxing but I see many, many people enjoying this one.

It was exciting on Sunday afternoon to once again watch a Hancock Orphans’ baseball game being played on our town field. After nearly ten years without a town team, some dedicated young men have once again adopted the Orphans. Many people showed up to watch and show their support for the local boys.

The game was very close up until the last inning and the boys did a great job. Some of them have been playing for the last few years with different towns so this was the first chance they had of playing together as a team. I think they did a fantastic job and congratulate them on their fine showing.

I am looking forward to following the Orphans this summer through pictures and articles. I hope many others will also follow them even if it is just for the home games. I will be printing their schedule in the paper again this week, so clip it out and put it someplace for a weekly reminder.

When I finished taking pictures, I sat on the sideline and watched the game. Many former Orphans and Orphan fans were gathered there and I heard a little bit of reminiscing. Someone asked how they got their name but no one seemed to know for sure. I will have to watch back issues of the newspaper to see if there is ever a reference to this. I have heard rumors of a possible old-timers game over the Fourth of July weekend so maybe we can learn more then.

The Orphans play at home again this Sunday before they head out on the road for a game and then return home. Be sure to stop by the field and cheer on the local boys. While there, help support their cause with a purchase at the concession stand or simply by paying to watch. The entertainment is worth every penny and the boys need our support to keep this pastime going for many more years.