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School publication available online as of Oct. 15

Each year, school districts gather information and publish an "Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Performance." This publication can either be mailed to district residents or posted on the District Web Page. The Morris Area School Board approved this report on September 21.

The Morris Area School District has made the document available for viewing on the district web page. To access the report, go to, click on "district" on the left side of the page, and then click on "System Accountability Report". This should open the document for your viewing and/or printing.

In addition to the online version, there will be a limited number of paper copies available in the District Office, the Morris Area Elementary Office, the Morris Area High School Office, and the Morris Area Community Education Office. These copies will be available starting on October 15.

If you have questions, contact Scott Monson at (320) 589-4840 or