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Raise your hand for education

By Nicole Schmidt,

Hancock Education



American Education Week takes place this year Nov. 18-22. This week presents the Hancock community, as well as all Americans, with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education.  American Education Week also allows the public to honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education. The weeklong celebration features a special observance each day of the week. They include:

Monday, Nov. 18: Kickoff Day

Tuesday, Nov. 19: Parents’ Day

Wednesday, Nov.  20: Education Support Professionals Day

Thursday, Nov.  21: Educator for a Day

Friday, Nov.  22: Substitute Educators Day

The history of this weeklong focus on education dates back to 1921.  The National Education Association (NEA) called for a designation of one week each year to spotlight education. The NEA did this for the purpose of informing the public of the accomplishments and needs of the public schools.

At Hancock Public Schools, educators are not just comprised of teachers.  Education Support Professionals (ESP) and substitute teachers also provide invaluable services that enable Hancock students to learn in positive, supportive environments.

ESPs are equal and essential partners in the education process that often go unnoticed.  ESPs comprise more than 40 percent of the total K-12 education workforce in the United States.  Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013, is Education Support Professionals Day. On this day, Hancock School will honor the secretaries, classroom aides, maintenance people, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and others who provide invaluable services to our school. The day is designed to publicly recognize education support professionals for their outstanding work and dedication to making Hancock School great for every student.

Substitute Educators Day, Friday, Nov. 22, focuses on the importance of substitute school employees. These professional educators perform a vital function in the maintenance and continuity of daily education.

In our public school systems, substitutes are the educational bridges when regular classroom educators are absent. They are called early in the morning, take over lessons with short notice, and ensure that quality education is maintained in our classrooms. The professional substitute ensures that time is productive and furthers the student's learning.

Hancock School is so appreciative of their substitute teachers and is currently accepting applications for substitutes.  Please come in to the school’s office and fill out an application if you are interested in being on the substitute list at our school.

The National Education Association hopes that the Hancock community takes time next week to not only show appreciation for their teachers, but also their education support professionals and substitute teachers.  ESPs and substitute teachers contribute in such a large way to make sure Hancock School runs effectively.