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Public health saves lives, saves money

For more than a decade, communities across the country have celebrated National Public Health Week each April in recognition of the advancements in public health that serve to protect and improve the health of all people.  

This year, the National Public Health Week celebration (April 1 – 7) emphasizes the return on investment (ROI) from public health interventions. Supporting evidence-based public health programs will result in healthier communities and reduced cost in treating diseases. Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health, along with local and state health departments across the nation, want you to know the critical roles that public health and prevention play in keeping all communities healthy and safe. Good health depends not only on what happens in doctors’ offices but also on what happens in our communities. For example, did you know that investing $10 per person each year in community-based public health activities could save more than $16 billion within five years?  

Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger, and Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health Director, Sandy Tubbs are especially pleased to acknowledge the important efforts that have been made in your county. Strong, health communities are dependent on strong public health systems and that begins in our community. The staff at Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health and the community partners with whom they work have taken great strides toward creating healthier families, schools, work places, and communities that enable people of all ages to make healthy lifestyle choices.  

National Public Health Week offers a reminder to all of us that many of the choices in our daily lives determine how long we live and how well we live. A healthier community depends on individuals making healthy lifestyle choices, communities providing the environment and conditions in which people can make healthy choices, and policy makers demonstrating a commitment to establishing policies and regulations that support improved health for every citizen.

Public health has a role in all of our lives; similarly, we each have a role in bringing the lessons of public health and prevention to life. Even the smallest steps can make a big difference. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the value of public health and prevention in your community.

Sandy Tubbs

Director, Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health