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Minnesota Responds needs you!

If pandemic influenza occurred in West Central Minnesota, would you volunteer to help set up a mass dispensing site?

If a terroristic anthrax attack happened in our community, would you volunteer to help get pills into people within 48 hours?

If a tornado destroyed a neighboring community, would you volunteer to help set up temporary shelter to assist the victims?

If the same tornado displaced pets, would you volunteer to help keep the animals safe until returned to their families?

If you said yes to even one of the four questions, you are the right person to become a Minnesota Responds Volunteer. MnResponds is a partnership integrating local, regional and statewide volunteers to assist Public Health in emergent incidents, community health events and exercises. MnResponds is part of the nationwide Medical Reserve Corps.

Your community needs you. Volunteers are valuable in many types of emergency responses. Registered and pre-trained volunteers are even more valuable.

When an incident occurs, time is often of the essence. If you are a registered volunteer your skills can be quickly matched up with the work that needs to be done. Pre-registration in MnResponds increases efficiency and volunteers have access to training courses before they are needed.

Volunteers are notified when needed. You are not obligated to respond.

All types of people and skills are needed: non-medical people from all walks of life, nursing, healthcare, laboratory, veterinary, behavioral and mental health, office support, clergy and health education to name a few. Please consider becoming a MnResponds volunteer. Check it out and enroll at  or you can call me for more information at 320-208-6670.