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McNamer's vote on same sex marriage is disappointing

One of the more disappointing aspects to the State House of Legislature’s passage of a bill changing the legal definition of marriage to include same sex couples is that one of the representatives voting for the bill was our own representative, Jay McNamar. What made his vote for this radical restructuring of the basic foundation of our society so disappointing is the fact that Rep. McNamar lied to me about his intentions regarding this bill.

Last August at the Harvest Festival in Hoffman, I met Rep. McNamar as he was campaigning for his seat. Because the Marriage Amendment was on the ballot last November, I asked him that if the Marriage Amendment failed, and the Democrats took control of the state legislature, would he vote to legalize same sex marriage. He assured me that he would not do so, stating, “I’m not that type of Democrat.”  

While I supported his opponent during the election cycle, I was at least secure in the knowledge that Rep. McNamar would not be the typical liberal activist who would give in to the radical element of his party from the metro area that was determined to enact legislation so contrary to the values of our district. Additionally, all six of the counties in our district supported the Marriage Amendment, with five of the counties doing so by at least 60 percent of the vote.

Despite his promise, and despite the overwhelming opposition to this bill by his constituents, Rep. McNamar has let us down. Rep. McNamar is claiming that he based his vote off of his own informal polling of people who contacted him, somehow believing the limited number of people who contacted him was a more accurate representation of his constituents’ belief then what had occurred during the election. To state a belief that more than 10 percent of our district has changed its mind on this controversial issue in just eight months is simply breathtaking dishonesty or stunning naïveté.

Either way, it is now clear that Rep. McNamar is indeed “that type of Democrat.” And so as we begin to grasp the full implications of his vote – more children being forced to grow up without a mother and a father, additional drains on government and healthcare resources, “educating” pre-teen children about the homosexual lifestyle in our schools, and further attacks against religious institutions and individuals – we must keep in mind that Rep. McNamar helped bring this about.

We must not forget this vote. And when Rep. McNamar is up for re-election next year, we must let him know that we do not want “that type of Democrat” representing us in the state legislature.