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McNamer's same sex marriage vote

Let me start off by saying I do not support same sex marriage. If you do, that's a debate for another day.  

My problem is with how Jay arrived at his decision to vote for it. Jay said in his statement that "I didn’t want my opinion to be the only one that mattered. The voices of my constituents are what carried most of the weight for me over the past few months. I said from the very beginning that I would make my decision based on what my constituents told me. On my very first day someone called me to talk about same-sex marriage. From there I went through emails, phone calls, surveys, letters, and in person conversations on both sides of the issue. Overall, there were 64 percent of people urging me to support same-sex marriage and 36 percent urging me to vote against same-sex marriage."

This is one issue that Jay did not have to guess where his constituents stand. If you go to Minnesota Secretary of State website – – you will find that the voters of House District 12A voted 63.82 percent in favor of the "Marriage Amendment.”

I find it troubling that in the face of this ironclad indication of how the people of 12A felt about this issue Jay would succumb to the "push" of a special interest group. I personally received two "robo" calls urging me to support same sex marriage and offering to connect me to his voicemail. I called Jay's 800 number and left a message telling him about the calls and warning him to be leary of this tactic.

As one of the 63.82 percent I feel betrayed by his representation.