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Low voter turnout for Stevens County in Tuesday primary

MORRIS - Stevens County voters came out in slightly lower numbers than voters across the state of Minnesota for Tuesday's primary, but most cast their votes for the winning candidates in congressional and judicial elections.

Of the 5,847 registered voters in Stevens County, 439 voted in Tuesday's primary election, about 7.5 percent voter turnout. Statewide, voter turnout for the primary was around 9 percent.

Incumbent Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar easily won her primary, beating the second place candidate by almost 178,000 votes. In Stevens County, Klobuchar received 231 votes, followed by Jack Shepard and Darryl Stanton both with 11 votes and Dick Franson with 10 votes.

Republican Kurt Bills will challenge Klobuchar in November, winning his primary against David Carlson and Bob Carney Jr. by about 20,000 votes. In Stevens County, Bills' received 58 percent of the votes cast.

Stevens County voters who cast their ballot with the Independence Party were equally split between Stephen Williams and Glen Menze, but Williams eked out a win by about 1,000 votes at the state level.

University of Minnesota, Morris alumna Lorie Sjjerven Gildea will take on Dan Griffith in the race for chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, and incumbent David Stras will be challenged by Tim Tingelstad in the associate justice race.

In congressional races, the candidate who received the most votes in each party moves on to the general election. In judicial races, the top two vote-getters will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

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Don Davis of Forum Communications contributed to this story.