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Lorraine Baer

Lorraine Baer of Glendale, Ariz., passed away surrounded by her loving family at Arrowhead Hospital on Sept. 5, 2012. Lorraine was 78 years old. The last words she spoke to her family were "I love you." That is the kind of wife and mother Lorraine was, always gentle and caring.

Lorraine was born in Morris on March 21, 1934, to Harvey and Lila (Endresen) Van Horn. She grew up in Morris and graduated from Morris High School. Lorraine worked at Willie's Red Owl until she met and married her first husband, Arie Van Luik in Dec. of 1954. She and Arie bought a farm in Cyrus where they were blessed with three children, Gary (1956), Jon (1959) and Tamy (1962). Lorraine lost her first husband to a truck accident in April of 1964. Lorraine continued to care for her family on the farm and while doing so met her second husband, Howard Wrolson. Lorraine and Howard were married in Aug. of 1965. They were then blessed with another daughter, Cindy (1967). Unfortunately Lorraine lost her second husband to a tractor accident in Nov. of 1969. She was widowed twice in her young life. Lorraine stayed strong for her children, sold the farm and moved to Morris. There she met an old acquaintance from school, Norman Baer. Norm and Lorraine remembered each other from many years before when they played in the same park. Lorraine and Norman were married in Morris on May 1, 1971. Lorraine and Norman attended Faith Lutheran Church in Morris where Lorraine was a Sunday school teacher for many years. She also worked at Kearney's Dress Shop in town and volunteered for the American Cancer Society. They decided to move to Phoenix, Ariz. in 1980 to escape the cold Minnesota winters. There they bought a home in Glendale that was Lorraine's pride and joy. She enjoyed decorating it inside and out. In Arizona Lorraine graduated from a Home Health Nurse program. Her clients adored having her in their homes as she was a kind, compassionate nurse. Lorraine retired and spent the rest of her days at home with Norman and her son, Jon. Lorraine's kindness touched many people, she would never say no to someone in need. She was truly a blessing in our lives and we will forever keep her in our hearts and minds.

Lorraine is survived by siblings-sister, Arlene Tolifson of Phoenix, Ronald Van Horn of Montana, Harlan Van Horn, Dennis Van Horn and Harvey Jr. Van Horn of Minnesota. Her husband Norman Baer, Glendale, Ariz., children Gary Van Luik ( Theresa), Phoenix, Ariz., Jon Van Luik, Glendale, Ariz., Tamy Van Luik-Saunders (Craig), Safford, Ariz. and Cindy Wrolson, Brea, Calif.

Lorraine had one grandchild, Katie (Gary and Theresa) who was recently married to Scott Hewetson. Katie and Scott gave Lorraine her first great grandchild in August of 2011. Lorraine loved to hold their beautiful baby Madelyn.

A memorial service will be held at Lorraine's son, Gary's home, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 to commemorate her passing and share the love and joy she brought to all of our lives.