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Little Miss Hancock meeting on May 21

For the second year there will be a Little Miss Hancock pageant to coinside with the Hancock Fourth of July Celebration. The pageant will be for girls ages 8-10 as of July 3, live in the Hancock School District or attend the Hancock Public School.

The contestants will be in a program on Thursday evening, July 3. The girls will be judged on their personality and confidence. The categories of the pageant will be: Active Wear (favorite activity such as basketball, dance, volleyball, swimming…), Question & Answer, Dress Wear and Group Performance. The girls will be expected to attend events leading up to and during the 4th of July Celebration in town. They will learn a group dance number and be responsible for creating an “All About Me” poster.

There will be an entrance fee of $30.00 which will cover the cost of their group participation shirt. If a contestant cannot afford the entrance fee, they are encouraged  to seek out a community business to ‘sponsor’ them.

An information meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at 6 p.m. in Mrs. Christianson’s classroom at the Hancock Public School. If you have any further questions please come to this meeting or contact Ashley Christianson at (320) 392-4735.