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Letters to the Editor: September 29, 2012

PlayRight Community Theatre bids farewell to community

Due to many of our creative team moving from the Morris area, it is with great sadness that I announce that the PlayRight Community Theatre is going out of (show) business after 20 years.

I want to take this opportunity to extend PlayRight's appreciation to the entire Morris area community for supporting our performances since 1992. PlayRight has been fortunate to have for an audience people of all ages who love to laugh, hear a good song, and watch a goofy skit.

PlayRight's goal was to provide a high standard of performance for community theatre. Our main focus was to be able to sell enough tickets to one show so that we could produce the next. Because of our audience's generosity over the years by buying tickets, we were not only able to keep producing shows, but, as we close out our checkbook, PlayRight is able to leave a donation to both the Morris Movie Theatre Cooperative and Prairie Wind Players in Barrett.

Personally, I would like to thank all the PlayRight performers and designers who provided the magic that created so many fond memories for me - on- and offstage. It should never, ever be "just" community theatre; it should always be the best it can be... and it was, because you took it seriously.

I have often said that community theatre is a "team sport." You can't do it successfully without a diverse set of people agreeing to work harmoniously towards a specific goal. Nothing created on the stage is the result of one person's efforts, but the collective effort of the team. The audience's enthusiastic response is the reward for our efforts.

On behalf of all our members, I offer PlayRight Community Theatre's deepest and sincerest appreciation to the Morris area for 20 years of enthusiastic response.

Margaret Payne; Co-Founder, PlayRight Community Theatre; Morris, Minn.

Radio ad should not be attributed to Jay McNamar's campaign

A recent letter to the editor falsely attributed a radio ad about Scott Dutcher to Jay McNamar's campaign. Jay has no connection to the outside group that produced this ad - in fact, campaign finance laws prohibit it.

The truth is Jay McNamar is running a positive campaign, focused on the important issues facing our community and state.

Jay McNamar is the kind of candidate who will work together to end the gridlock.  As the Mayor of Elbow Lake, Jay has worked with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to get things accomplished.  As an EMT and volunteer firefighter, Jay has helped keep all of us safe.  And as a teacher and coach for over 30 years, he will be a strong advocate to do what's best for all students, pre kindergarten through college, by investing in our future. 

Minnesotans deserve an honest election based on the question:  who is the best choice to represent us at the state legislature?  I believe that without question Jay McNamar is the right person for the job.

Evan Vogel; Morris, Minn.

Ads against Scott Dutcher are slanderous

As a twenty-two year veteran in the teaching field, I am dismayed at the slanderous radio ads being aired against Scott Dutcher, candidate for District 12A House. Teachers have an obligation to model and teach honesty and integrity. Jay McNamar, also a teaching veteran, needs to remember this in his campaign. The DFL and Mr. McNamar have simply not done their homework regarding Scott's stance on education, and they have failed to present the truth to the voters.

I have heard Scott Dutcher speak several times and I have studied his literature. I can assure you he is a proponent of education. He has consistently voiced support for our schools both publicly and in print. Scott notes that "repaying our debts to our schools should be Minnesota's first priority." He opposes shifting and borrowing money from schools and maintains we should commit to repay every dollar borrowed. He has often stated, "We owe this much to our kids and to our schools."

Scott believes in fiscal accountability while remembering what makes District 12A great-- agriculture, business, and education. He has the sincerity and vision to represent us well. Scott Dutcher "makes the grade!"

Deb McNally; Morris, Minn.