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Letters to the Editor: September 24, 2011

Getting back to the farm

We know why we like living in the rural area. It's because of the peace, the quiet and the people.

On December 19, 2010 we lost all of that as well as our home. That morning we watched as three generations of keepsakes and memories went up in smoke in a matter of minutes turning our lives upside down. It's a feeling of helplessness not to be believed and never wished on another.

With the help of friends and people we didn't even know and will probably never meet from all over the community and the USA, we got a chance to start over. We want to thank everyone. We all walk through life missing so much as we rush head on accomplishing what we think is important, often moaning and grumbling over the littlest things.

During the last nine months it has made us stop and think how life is truly too short, that we should slow down, appreciate what we have and those around us and look at everything as if it may be the last time.

Again, thanks to everyone who made it possible to be back on the farm again.

Clay and Marlene Van Horn; Donnelly, MN