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Letters to the Editor: September 22, 2012

Speed limit signs needed on South Columbia

I am a concerned home owner, living on South Columbia Ave. I am so sorry for not bringing this up sooner. I actually thought it would have been taken care of by now. This is the problem. I babysit my three grandkids every other weekend so, of course, I am concern about them and all the other children that play on this street. Did you know we have no speed limit signs? Between Jerry's and the four-way... NOT one. But from the four-way to Pizza Hut, we have numerous ones, even flashing ones with cameras... But when you get to the four-way going to County 9, nothing. You would think the city or who ever could put some up.

Scott Zimmerman; Morris, Minn.

Dutcher campaigned against borrowing from schools

Recent radio ads running against Scott Dutcher in District 12A claim that he supports borrowing money from our schools to finance Minnesota's budget deficits. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, Scott has campaigned against this borrowing (through shifting school payments from one fiscal year to the next) from the beginning.

Scott's own literature states that we should repay debts owed to our schools. I attended Scott's endorsing convention, where he spoke against the shift. I also received his March 5, 2012, letter in which he unequivocally stated that he opposed accounting gimmicks that borrow from our schools to finance budget deficits.

In short, Jay McNamar and his DFL allies are broadcasting lies about Scott's position. As an educator, Mr. McNamar should know better.

Scott Dutcher stands for fiscal responsibility and good government. Scott is the only candidate in the race with a plan for repaying debts owed to our schools.

Again, this false attack is the exact opposite of Scott's position. Jay McNamar and the DFL attack machine should do some basic fact-checking before broadcasting ads for which they take responsibility.

Oh, and who vetoed the Republican bill which would have paid the school shift back?

Hilda Bettermann; Brandon, Minn.