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Letters to the Editor: September 15, 2012

Phil Krinkie's "fair" tax is not a fair solution

Phil Krinkie (who is usually cranky about something), says that if everyone just paid the same amount of income tax, it would be a "fair" tax. He says that about 30 percent of Minnesotans pay no income tax. He's right -- as far as he gets.

What he leaves out is that everyone in the state, no matter how poor, pays sales tax and local property tax. And all workers, no matter how poor, pay federal Social Security and Medicare taxes. These taxes are what is called "regressive" taxes, meaning that the poor pay a higher percentage of their income than the middle class, and the rich pay the lowest percentage of all. The income tax, by contrast, is a "progressive" tax, meaning that the rich pay a higher percentage of their income than the middle class, who in turn pay a somewhat higher percentage than the poor.

So there would be nothing fair about making poor and middle class people pay, not only a higher percentage of their income than rich people in sales, property and payroll taxes, but also in income taxes!

Our current tax system is not perfect. The Governor is open to any good ideas to improve it. This "stick it to the little guy" tax is not one of the good ideas he is looking for.

Elizabeth J. Hinds; Morris, Minn.