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Letters to the Editor: September 10, 2011

Most of us have heard the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child." I believe in that whole-heartedly.

We live in an exceptional place to raise children. As a teacher and student council advisor, I have found our community to be very supportive. That support comes in many forms and from many different people, organizations, and businesses.

With that support I am proud to say that our student council at Morris Area High School has been able to work with Feed My Starving Children setting up and packaging food, pulling weeds on the grounds of the nursing home, raised over $4,500 for our school district by working with Valu Ford and Chrysler to put on the Drive 4 UR School test drive event, helped with the new student and 7th grade orientations, welcomed new teachers to the district and the entire district's staff back to school, provided service to regional teachers at the Collaborative In-Service Day and organized the Backpack for Kids school supply drive with the Stevens County Human Services. This was all in the month of August.

We are proud of our work but more importantly proud that we live in a community that assists us in doing good things for others. The lessons we learn from your generosity are life-long. I see it in my own children and others from the district as they continue to serve others making the world a bit better because they were there.

We have great things ahead so you will probably be seeing us. One of our current projects is to work with the FFA to put on a Veterans Appreciation Program on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The time is yet to be determined as we are working with several elected officials and their schedules.

One way you could help us is if you are a veteran living in the area and would like to be included in our appreciation event, it would be wonderful if you emailed or sent your address to or Peg Rinkenberger, Morris Area High School, 201 South Columbia Avenue, Morris, MN, 56267. This would allow us to get you the correct information concerning and an invitation to the program. We are so very excited to put this together!

Again, thank you to all who help us be successful. Without you, we could not do the things we do because, "it takes a village."

Peg Rinkenberger, Morris Area High School