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Letters to the Editor: October 6, 2012

Marriage amendment is not a theological question

The question before Minnesota voters of a constitutional amendment to forbid gays to marry is not a theological one. Heaven only knows that Lutheran communities have argued that one enough lately. The question is whether we want to use our state constitution to take rights away.

The constitution is supposed to protect everyone's rights. Minnesota law (not constitution) already forbids gays to marry and any church is free to deny the rite of marriage. We don't need it in the constitution. If we start using our constitution to take away rights, what right will be next... one of yours?? Vote NO to using our constitution to deny rights.

Nancy Barsness - Cyrus, Minn.

Support Morris Floral by volunteering your time

This letter is to anyone who has enjoyed the beauty and care put into your flowers by the staff at Morris Floral, Chris Melberg, owner. The City of Morris will begin razing certain areas of the business in approximately two weeks and will be assessing the business for this cost. If anyone has an extra hour or two of their time to assist Chris with pre-demolition work please stop in and offer your time. There are items that need to be moved and/or relocated to the main building and I am certain Chris and "Grandma" Melberg would greatly appreciate your help.

A number of individuals have already committed to some sweat equity. It is a great volunteer opportunity for young people to learn the value of community. Hope to see you there sometime in the next two weeks.

Cheryl Brevig - Morris, Minn.