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Letters to the Editor: May 26, 2012

Fly your flag on Memorial Day

For many Americans, Memorial Day has turned into a commercial holiday - an excuse to hit the big sales at the shopping malls. Worse yet, many regard Memorial Day as a time to celebrate the beginning of summer rather than a day set aside to honor our nation's war dead. Is it any wonder veterans ofter feel their fellow countrymen don't appreciate the sacrifice they made? We hope you will fly your flag on all patriotic holidays, but especially on Memorial Day. In doing so, you'll show veterans you remember ... and care. Just as importantly, you'll remind others in your neighborhood of the meaning of this observance. It's such a simple thing to do, but it's so important.

Jan Malo and Joyce Pieske (VFW American Legion); Myrna Tomalla (AmVets)

Support those with a disability

Congratulations to Kacy Nehowig, Miss Midwest 2011 on your dedication and your vision of the first ever Miss Fabulous Pageant.

I am disappointed in the lack of community support for this event. I know sometimes the word pageant scares people, but let me tell you about this pageant and what you missed.

"We, the ones who are challenge, need to be heard. To be seen not as a disability, but as a person who has, and will continue to bloom. To be seen not only as a handicap, but as a well-intact human being," - Robert Hensel.

At the Miss Fabulous Pageant, we had seven amazing developmentally disabled ladies from our community challenge themselves to "bloom." Maybe that challenge was to be able to wheel their chair across the stage, maybe it was to walk across that stage without any help, and yet maybe it was as simple as "I will overcome my shyness to do this."

There were seven women who were scared, nervous and excited to prove to themselves and to the community they are important and have value!

These ladies dressed up fancy, had their hair and makeup done and were treated special. I'm sorry you didn't see their smiles, they lit up the night!

Let's face it Morris, we all know someone who has a disability. Maybe we even have someone in our own family. Let's try to be more supportive, by volunteering or attending events like these. Let's make an effort to get to know these special people in our community.

Thanks Kacy - you live your platform: "Creating Smiles" Helping the Disabled in Your Community.

Dawn Kosbab, Morris, Minn.