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Letters to the Editor: March 10, 2012

Who takes responsibility?

My step-son is in Afghanistan serving our country in the military. He wanted to send me flowers for my birthday. He told his dad they were coming on February 21. My husband stayed home all day waiting for them. Nothing came. We went out for supper in Morris that evening. The flowers did not show up the next day either so my husband alerted his son to put a tracer on it.

Well, at 5:30 a.m. on February 23, the message came that they were indeed delivered by UPS and were sitting outside our front door. They had been delivered in the hour we were in town. My phone number was on the package and the package was clearly marked FLOWERS. Common sense says you don't leave flowers outside in a Minnesota winter in freezing temperatures.

When I brought the box to the UPS shop in Morris, I was greeted and received empathy from the lady behind the counter. That's where satisfaction ended! The lady took the box and my phone number and said she would take it up with her supervisor. Because I did not receive a call the next day, I stopped again. This poor girl was to tell me they (UPS) are not responsible.

The next working day was a Monday, I called the supervisor and he told me if this happens again, there would be a letter put in the driver's permanent file. He did say he was sorry that the flowers were dead, but said they were probably dead before they were delivered as there is no heat in the trucks. Again, my phone number is on the package. I could have been called and would have picked them up at the shop.

The supervisor said the blame lies with 1-800FLOWERS for shipping them. Did 1-800FLOWERS set the flowers outside my front door to freeze? No, UPS did. They (UPS) are responsible and should be held liable for the replacement cost.

It is awful that our men have to leave their families and jobs to serve in our military. Should they not receive more respect than this? I will consider never using UPS again. They don't seem to care how you get your package as long as you get one. Ruined or not, "It's not their problem."

Sheila Schulz; Morris, Minn.

"Looking Back" honors friend

As I read last week's "Looking Back," I would like to say thank you Lynn for writing such a beautiful tribute to JoAnne Foley.

Needless to say, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it.

To me, JoAnne was a very dear coffee shop friend who would do anything for you. She will be missed.

Ruth Bengston; Morris, Minn.