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Letters to the Editor: July 7, 2012

UMM looks like a million bucks

I've been walking through the shady UMM campus these hot and muggy days and I have been struck by how exceptionally good everything looks: the lawns neatly mowed, the flowers beautiful, everything tidy and in order, the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed. May I suggest to the people of the area that they take a look for themselves. It is good to appreciate the hard (and hot) work it has taken staff and student workers to produce this pleasant atmosphere. It's a small campus of a big university, but it looks like a million bucks. Park in any lot, as I understand there is no ticketing in the lots in the summer, and wander through, or find one of the benches scattered through campus and sit a while. I think you will be glad you did.

Ardath M. Larson; Morris, Minn.

Vote pro-life in November

Elections have consequences and one of the consequences of the 2010 election was the election of many pro-lifers to office and the result was many positive developments on the pro-life front especially the enactment of pro-life laws. In 2012 we can choose to elect and/or re-elect pro-lifers to office to continue this work or pro-choicer's who will quickly nullify all that hard work. The most important choice is for president of the USA. We will either re-elect President Obama, the most pro-abortion president in history, or a pro-life candidate in Mitt Romney. As far as Pres. Obama and his administration and his "friends" at Planned Parenthood go, their position on abortion is that there should be no restrictions of any kind on abortions or abortion clinics, and that taxpayer funds should be used to pay for them. I do not have time or space to go into detail about all he has done to help Planned Parenthood achieve these goals suffice to say that he had done everything in his power to help them out, from one of his first acts which was to do away with the Mexico City policy that prevented money for going to organizations that provide abortions overseas and continues to this day with his refusal to support a bill to outlaw same sex abortions and in between he has passed Obama care which will be used to help pay for abortions and has threatened states that have voted to do away taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood with the loss of other federal money. Planned Parenthood is one of the most corrupt organizations ever -- they have no qualms about lying, cheating, committing fraud etc. as long as it results in a bigger bottom line for them and who despite making millions of dollars every year from performing abortions, still receives millions more annually from local, state, and national government.

On the other hand we have Mitt Romney who is pro-life and will help save the lives of unborn babies. If we do not draw a line in the sand and say that all life is precious from beginning to end, where will we do it? Already there are some people who say that since we can kill a baby before it is born why not afterwards especially if it is "disabled" (i.e. downs syndrome) and there are some people that are pushing euthanasia for those elderly people who are a "burden to society." One has to look no further than places like Canada, Great Britain and Netherlands to see where that road leads. In conclusion for the sake of the unborn children and everybody else, please vote pro-life in November. For more info visit the NRLC website, http://www.nationalrighttolife To me this more important than the economy, environment, or anything else. After all what use are those issues if there are no people around?

Allen Anderson; Morris, Minn.