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Letters to the Editor: February 11, 2012

Water meter reading causes hardship

Recently, my mother of 88 years and long-time resident of Morris had to be moved to a retirement facility for health reasons. She chose a facility in Glenwood because I, her son, live nearby

A month later we received a utility bill from Morris City Water and Sewer for the amount of $1,437.12. We were devastated to say the least! It has put a hardship on my mother. A leaky toilet was the culprit, which I have replaced.

We are trying to deal with the city on this bill. The ironic part is the city put in a new water meter after the fact. This meter can be read from the street. Citizens beware.

Alan Andreasen

Glenwood, Minn.

Tell Sen. Ingebrigtsen you support clean energy

Senator Ingebrigtsen says he voted to remove commissioner Ellen Anderson to protect Minnesotans from high energy costs and keep jobs in Minnesota. For over 20 years Ellen worked to bring clean energy jobs to Minnesota yet Minnesota still exports $20 billion annually to pay for energy.

If legislators understood that Minnesota ranks in the top 10 states for solar and eleventh in wind energy generation potential and voted to grow alternative energy industries we could keep energy dollars here. With plentiful wind, year-round sun, rich croplands and a highly educated workforce, Minnesota could be alternative energy's Saudi Arabia.

Bills in the legislature would add a 10 percent solar energy standard by 2030. Minnesota currently has more than 50 companies producing solar products and services. In Alexandria, Solar Skies, manufacturer of solar thermal collectors, employs between 10 and 13 people and hopes to grow its workforce to 100, putting dollars into our economy.

Clean energy also reduces air pollutants and mercury in our lakes. A recent Minnesota Department of Health study found high levels of mercury, a pollutant linked to neurological damage and distributed primarily by coal-fired power plants, in the blood of one in 10 newborns along Minnesota's North Shore.

Sen. Ingebrigtsen voted against Governor Pawlenty's Next Generation Energy Act to bolster investment in renewable energy. He said he opposed the Legacy amendment and was surprised Minnesota voters supported it. After a Feb. 3 meeting in Alexandria he said he didn't support the 10 percent solar energy standard and that 90 percent of his constituents stand with him in believing clean energy results in rate hikes.

Please tell Bill you support clean energy, job growth and preservation of our lakes which draw tourists, businesses, and money to our community. Contact Sen. Ingebrigtsen at or 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Capitol Building, Room 303, St. Paul, MN 55155-1606. Ask him to vote for the Solar Energy Standard.

Ruth Obert

Alexandria, Minn.