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Letters to the Editor: April 28, 2012

Economic encouragement?

Our proposal to amend a county ordinance that was adopted in 2007 and rezoning of the former Perkins Resort (a.k.a. Luthercrest) property went in front of the Stevens County Planning Commission on April 16. At this hearing we proposed a few ideas given to us by local members of the community. These ideas included rental of the Pavilion for reunions, anniversaries, church gatherings, educational purposes, business meetings, banquets, dances, weddings, etc. Also in this application was the proposed rental of three cabins in which we plan to renovate into private bungalows for small families. Finally, we included the prospect of seasonal and overnight camping within the property.

As business owners and members of the community, the public voice speaks very strongly to us. We had the opportunity to get many different views and opinions at this hearing. All in all the feedback was positive, but it was clear that our main opposition was based upon the seasonal camping idea, which may or may not affect the township road or create an issue with public lake traffic. Taking this into consideration, after receiving a unanimous vote by the Planning Committee for recommendation, we have opted not to include an application for a C.U.P. (Conditional Use Permit) that pertains to seasonal campers, in the near future. However, if we are able to convince the County Board of Commissioners that this project would be beneficial to the area, and get their vote for the ordinance/zoning change, we would like to proceed with the application/hearing process of a C.U.P. for the pavilion/cabin rental and overnight camping.

It is also understood that a select few property owners with individual interests would like to see our application to create a new S-3 Commercial Shoreland Zoning district unique to this property be reverted to the current S-2 residential zone with limited commercial use. Although this may be beneficial to the individuals recommending it, it does not protect county shoreland residents from anyone obtaining a Conditional Use Permit for any proposed commercial business to be run from their home. The S-3 Commercial Zoning District gives the County Board of Commissioners a chance to analyze zoning applications on an individual basis.

There was also concern over destruction of oak trees and surrounding habitat which are native to our property. It is with great regard to acknowledge that it is not our intention to disturb the natural and historic area that includes savannah oaks, walleye/fish population, and migratory bird flight. We merely want to give everyone a chance to enjoy this private and secluded property that has laid dormant for years with the exceptions of a neighbor and members of a hunting club from the Twin Cities area.

We would like to commend the Stevens County Planning/Zoning Commission and anyone else who is willing to take a step forward with us to promote a better community with economic growth and development of Stevens County, which in our eyes is their ultimate plan.

If you would like to see this historic site once known as Perkins Resort be enjoyed again by the people of this community and other communities around, please email or call your County Commissioners and voice your approval!

Jon Backman, Ben Hentges, Peter Hentges, Jackie Hentges, B & H Holdings

Commercial zoning raises questions

A further comment on the proposed rezoning of the old Luther Crest camp.

Despite strong local objections and alternatives offered, B&H Holdings are insisting on pursuing commercial S3 zoning for the property, even when they could proceed with their plans under existing S2 regulations that currently protect neighboring lakeside residents from significant hardship.

Their insistence raises the question as to whether their real intent is to resell the rezoned property to other commercial property developers. In such a case, all the promises to the community of restoring past uses are meaningless. Think rather trailer houses, extensive permanent RVs, restaurant, dance hall, bar, year-round traffic, destroyed old oak woods, a county gem lost.

Michael F. O'Reilly, Perkins Lake

Neighbors should adopt Minnesota Nice

To the Minnesota Nice person who removed the pile of branches in the driveway of one of our houses, thank you for saving us the trouble of hauling them away. Unfortunately, there are other people whose approach is far from Minnesota Nice. Their approach to vacant but obviously maintained yards is, without any attempt to obtain permission:

• to park in the yard;

• to tie their dogs in the yard;

• to use the yard as a free trash dump;

• to allow their dogs to relieve themselves in the yard;

• to use the yard as a snowmobile track;

• to pile their snow in the yard;

• to discharge their sump pump there, even though the water would naturally go elsewhere; or

• to drive across the property just because it makes something more convenient for them.

You may not like the aesthetics of the property, but it is not yours to use as you see fit. We clear snow in the winter, mow the lawns in the spring, summer and fall and pay our taxes on time. We are just asking for the same respect of personal property that we give to our neighbors and I'm sure that everyone else expects of theirs.

Melissa Sax, Morris, Minn.

Support Buddy Poppy program

When you are asked to donate for a Buddy Poppy during the upcoming campaign in this community, do it with a big smile on your face. Remember that it is the most grateful investment of your money you can ever make.

Members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Charles Leuthard Post 5039 will be distributing Buddy Poppies in the area from April 30 thru May 5. VFW bylaws require that the proceeds from our distribution of Buddy Poppies must be used to benefit disabled and needy veterans and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.

Every step in the production and sale of the Buddy Poppy serves a useful purpose. The poppies are assembled by needy and disabled veterans at VA hospitals who are paid for their work; the income to the State and National organizations help provide needed services to disabled veterans, their widows and orphans; the income to the Auxiliary is used entirely for aid to needy veterans and families. The wearing of the Poppy on Memorial Day symbolizes the nation's grief for its departed heroes.

You have been a very generous community in the past and we do appreciate it very much. When our Buddy Poppy Sisters visit you, we hope you will continue with that good support. With more veterans entering the hospitals and homes, the needs are becoming greater each year. Especially with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, more military are in the hospitals with wounds and other problems.

Be proud of your poppy! It is a symbol of the memory of those who have given their lives for their country and a symbol of concern and compassion for those who are disabled. Never forget our veterans.

Bertha Sperr, Joan Kopacek, Ladies Auxiliary to VFW Post 5039

America needs to shape up

The 2012 election is critical and we CANNOT continue this outrageous spending! Greedy Democrats ignore that their kids will inherit this debt and our country will be bankrupt like Greece!

This president claims he is a Christian but says there are many ways to heaven. He is wrong for there's only ONE way - faith in Triune God, repentance and asking forgiveness. A president needs dependence on God for guidance but does he even attend church? The preacher at the church he left after 20 years wanted God to damn America! That's dangerous!

This president has made this a Socialist country and wants increasing government dependence and has rightfully been called the "Food Stamp President." Anyone complaining is unjustly called a "racist;" he's still funding the corrupt ACORN which got him elected and I still believe his birth certificate was fake!

For America to continue to be blessed, we must stand in partnership with God's chosen people and not be aligned with her enemies and Obama does not befriend Israel! He snubs Prime Minister Netanyahu. God has promised He will bless those who befriend Israel but will curse those who do not!

Obamacare creates the largest expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade, using taxpayers' dollars! Pastor John Hagee recited the 5th Commandment: "Thou shalt not kill," then added "That's abortion!" How true! How can any Christian vote for anyone wanting abortion?? Are they Christian in name only? The Bible promises that if God's people will humble themselves, pray, and turn from their wicked ways that God will hear, forgive their sins and heal their land. Time could be getting short for many prophecies have been fulfilled and America needs to shape up now!! We cannot sit like potato sacks but must work to elect a pro-life president who will befriend Israel; get our economy and illegal immigration under control; create jobs; lower gas prices; cut taxes, and support our military!! He has been a disgusting failure! Please help elect a president who obeys the Constitution!!

IngaMae B. Urke, Starbuck, Minn.