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Letters to the editor

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is one of the few truly American holidays. Originally, a celebration of our blessings and survival as a budding nation of immigrants, it has become a time for self-scrutiny and appreciation for our lot in life. However, this fall, we should pause to look at our lives and truly give thanks for how blessed we all are.

We Minnesotans have many things to be thankful for during these hard economic times. Minnesota leads the nation in education, healthcare, literacy rate - the list goes on. We have a high quality of life in Minnesota, and we all benefit from maintaining it.

Certainly, there are many issues that can, and must, be improved. As your state senator, I will work every day to continue to ensure that our quality of life is something for which we can all be thankful.

This year I will give thanks for my loved ones and for all the blessings and freedoms I have received in life. Moreover, I will be sure to remember to give thanks for the strength of generations of Americans who have strived and sacrificed to make our nation as great as it is.


Bill Ingebrigtsen

State Senator, District 11