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Letters to the Editor

Please wear a poppy

"Please wear a Poppy," the Lady said.

Then I stopped and watched as she offered them there,

And her face was old and lined with care; But beneath the scars the years had made there remained a smile that refused to fade.

A boy came whistling down the street, Bouncing along on care-free feet. His smile was full of joy and fun, "Lady," said he, "May I have one". "Why do we wear a Poppy today?"

The Lady smiled in her wistful way and answered, "This is Remembrance Day, And the Poppy there is the symbol for the gallant men who died in war. And because they did, you and I are free.

That's why we wear a Poppy, you see.

"I had a boy about your size, With golden hair and big blue eyes He loved to play and jump and shout. As the years went by he learned and grew And became a man-as you will, too."

"He was fine and strong, with a boyish smile, But he'd seemed with us such a little while, When war broke out and he went away. I still remember his face that day When he smiled at me and said "Goodbye, I'll be back soon, mom, so please don't cry."

"But the war went on and he had to stay. And all I could do was wait and pray. His letters told of the awful fight, (I can still see it in my dreams at night.)

With tanks and guns and cruel barbed wire. And the mines and bullets, the bombs and fire. "Til at last, at last, the war was won -- And that's why we wear a Poppy son." The small boy turned as if to go, Then said, "thanks, lady, I'm glad to know. That sure did sound like an awful fight. But your son -- did he come back all right?"

A tear rolled down each faded cheek; She shook her head, but didn't speak. I slunk away in a sort of shame. And if you were me you'd have done the same; For our thanks, in giving, is oft delayed.

Though our freedom was bought - and thousands paid! And so when we see a Poppy worn, Let us reflect on the burden borne By those who gave their very all When asked to answer their country's call That we at home in peace might live, Then wear a Poppy! Remember - and give!

By Don Crawford

Submitted by Morris American Legion Auxiliary for Memorial Day

Cyrus school not closing

I know there are rumors out there that the Cyrus Elementary school is closing. Well, I can tell you for a fact, that those rumors are not true. As long as they have children to educate, they will remain open.

In 2001, my tirst child started kindergarten there. I have since then had three more of my children begin their educations there starting with preschool, and I still have one at home that will go there, as well, as soon as he is old enough.

I love the Cyrus school! I love the small class sizes and the low student to teacher ratio. I know that my children will get individualized instruction if the need arises. I love that my kids get to have physical education five days a week because it is so important that kids stay active and learn new skills. I love the fun activities and field trips that the Cyrus school offers throughout the school year, such as the Bike-a-Thon, Science Sensations night, and when Prairie Fire Children's Theater comes for a week every spring. I love the PTO's annual cookie bake and how they have a float in area parades during the summer. But, most of all, I love the teachers at Cyrus Elementary. They do such an excellent job, not only educating my children, but also nurturing them and encouraging them to be the best people they can be. They are passionate about their jobs and always give 110 percent in the classroom, as well as after hours to make CMST the best school it can be.

In conclusion, being a part of a small school, where there is a family atmosphere and where educational needs are tailored to individual students, is the kind of school that I want my kids attending. Cyrus Elementary will continue to be my school of choice as long as I have children in PreK-6.

Joan Geleneau


Who has the

power at City Hall?

Since when is it " easier" to fire one individual over another?

Earlier this month, a part-time employee was fired by our city manager because he broke the law, the very same law the Morris liquor store manager broke earlier.

But the manager got off with a small fine and a slap on the wrist. Because it is " easier " to fire a part-timer than a manager who is supposed to be the one setting the example.

The part timer who is friendly and outgoing is getting the shaft. He did not work there because he loved to work, he did it to help get his kids through school.

When you walked into the store, the employee always had a smile, a "Hi, how are you?" and maybe even a quick story. And always: "Can I help you?"!

When you walk in and the manager is there, you get no, "Hi, how ya doing?" and never a "Can I help you?".

I like to shop where I feel like I am appreciated and he sure does not do that.

I have had many people complaining about the outcome of this situation and as I have said in the past there are talkers and there are doers. Guess which one I am?

If the employee should be fired, then so should the manager! Or reinstate the employee and put them both on probation for one year. Fair is fair, Mr. City Manager.

Lets get all the facts out there and make it fair for everyone. Here is my suggestion: Let's all travel to Alberta, Hancock and Cyrus to purchase our beverages and not give our business to the Morris Liquor Store until this matter is fairly resolved.

Skip Hesse