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Letters to the Editor

Ethanol the fuel of today

This week, all five major oil companies in the United States are expected to announce billions in first quarter profits. These profits are pouring in as gas prices for everyday Americans skyrocket to $4 and $5 a gallon.

We can't predict when, or even if, gasoline prices will drop. But one thing we do know is that without a fundamental shift in our national energy policy, this nation will continue to suffer the consequences of our dependence on foreign oil.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Today we have the single-best alternative to oil in domestic ethanol. Grain ethanol is already here and commercially viable. It is not a someday fuel; it is replacing foreign oil today, and if we lift the artificial hurdles blocking access to the fuels market, it can replace more.

Every gallon of clean burning ethanol that we produce in this country decreases the demand for foreign oil and keeps U.S. money in the U.S. economy, where it can create U.S. jobs, instead of sending them overseas. Think about this; every day, America sends over 1 billion dollars to other countries for nearly two-thirds of our nation's fuel supply. By supporting American fuels and American ethanol that money can recirculate right here in our backyards.

As a nation, we must take steps to secure our economic and energy future. With an open market and stable government policy, biofuels can reduce our dependence on oil and strengthen America.

Mick Miller

General Manager



MTA ready to negotiate

We, the members of the Morris Teachers Association, have recently invited the administration and school board to begin negotiating the 2011-13 teacher contract. We look forward to working with the district under the framework of its recently developed core values.

Those values include teamwork, integrity and honesty, respect, a positive attitude, accountability and dialogue. For the entire values statement, visit the Strategic Planning section of the district Web site at

We are striving for a fair, reasonable settlement by Oct. 19, well before the existing state deadline of Jan. 15, 2012. As we begin this process, be assured that we will continue to devote all of our energies to educating our students, which is what we love to do and is our first priority. Our commitment is to your child's success. We seek only a reasonable, competitive contract that attracts and retains a top-quality teaching staff to ensure an excellent education for all Morris students.

We look forward to your support as a community throughout the process, and encourage community members to attend school board meetings as negotiations progress.

Debra Betow Swezey,


Morris Teachers