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Letters to the Editor

Monetary system

in disarray

On Wednesday. April 13, at 6 p.m., at the Morris Public Library, I will be presenting mathematical and empirical evidence that a dynamic force exists within our monetary system that is so powerful and destructive that it will soon overpower everything in our economic system.

This force can be represented as a simple 8th grade mathematical problem and thus it can be proven that there are no solutions to our nation's budget problems within the context of our present system. This dynamic will ultimately enslave us all unless we soon understand it and correct it.

By using a very simple mathematical evaluation of our present monetary system, I will reveal the greatest fraud and swindle in all of human history. Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison are just a few of those who warned against the very system we now have in place. Henry Ford said, "If the American people would ever understand our monetary system there would be revolution before morning."

For those who like to think linear in a cyclical world and for those who are complacent about their ability to retire comfortably with their retirement funds, their Social Security and Medicare intact, I will be presenting some very unsettling facts. For students who are concerned about paying off their student loans in a poor and uncertain job market, the facts are equally unsettling.

I believe there is a growing realization across the country that the budgetary problems we are facing cannot be solved by the conventional means of spending cuts or by raising taxes. This realization is correct. In fact, the austerity program proposed by the Tea Party is exactly the wrong medicine for our economic ills.

The solution I will propose is to return to the American System of Economics and a constitutional monetary system.

Norman Gronwold


Show support for

Dollars for Scholars

This is the time of year that many of our students are making tough decisions about where they would like to continue their education. There are so many good choices and opportunities, and I know we, as a community, stand behind our students and wish them well with their decisions.

The Morris Area Dollars for Scholars program began in 1995. The purpose of this program is to give support and encouragement to students as they continue their education. This is truly a community effort and has been an effective tool for raising scholarship money, investing money in an "endowed fund," and awarding scholarships to graduating seniors. As the person who gets to read the thank you notes from students, I want to let you know that they are very appreciative of the financial support of a scholarship and the encouragement from a community that believes in its students.

One of the stated goals right from the beginning was to award a scholarship to every student who applies. We have not been able to meet that goal, but we get closer every year. Each year, 90 percent of the growing interest from the endowed fund is given in scholarship awards. In addition to that, the senior class conducts a phone-a-thon to residents of our communities asking for donations. This is the only fundraiser used for Dollars for Scholars. If you get a call or a letter in the mail, please consider supporting the Dollars for Scholars Scholarship fund. Thanks to the generous support from many of you, our community sends an important message to graduating seniors: "We're behind you... now go for it!"

Ali Anderson


Morris Area

Dollars for Scholars

Saving Vikes

a regional concern

I have been a Viking fan my whole life. When I was a kid, I used to visit my grandmother in St. Louis Park and we would listen to Viking games together on the radio. When my family moved to Fargo, the tradition of Viking games on Sundays continued with both family and friends. The Vikings are part of the fabric of growing up in this area, and if the Vikings leave, the community and shared experiences that they bring will be gone.

As an out-of-state resident, I realize my relevance to the stadium debate is marginal. However, it has been estimated that approximately 22 percent of Viking season ticket holders are out-of-state residents. Therefore, hopefully the good citizens of Minnesota realize that if a new stadium is not built, they will be losing a sizeable economic boost that they get from those that travel to the twin cities for Viking games every fall.

I'm sympathetic to the economic situation that your state finds itself in, and I assure you that we are feeling some of the same pains here. I also know that time is running out, and that if a solution to the stadium issue is not found soon, there is a good chance the Vikings will be sold to an owner that will move the team. If you want to keep the Vikings, please contact your legislators and ask them to work together to find a long-term solution for the stadium issue. You can go to for more information on how to get involved.

Remember us out-of-state fans when you're considering the stadium debate. We enjoy visiting your state and hope to continue to spend fall weekends in the Twin Cities cheering on the Vikings for years to come.

Bill Keating

Save the Vikes