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Letters to the Editor

Do you question election?

To the residents of the City of Donnelly: We as the people of Donnelly need to ask and wonder why our votes don't count during or towards a special election. On Jan. 3, a Donnelly City Council seat was vacated by Walter Biesterfeld so he could take his position as Mayor of Donnelly. Therefore, one would think that the next person in line in the general election with the most votes would take that seat. That did not happen. On Jan. 4, the newly elected city council voted in a person who had four votes and did not choose the next person in line with 67 votes. We as the people need to ask why.

Do you have concerns and comments? Come to the next city council meeting on Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. Town hall seating is available.

Michael L. Higgins


Riverview a

valuable partner

I wanted to write this letter to let you know that a very special business exists in your neighborhood. I am from New York and was fortunate enough recently to take an extended weekend trip to your town to tour and spend time with the people of Riverview. If you don't already realize it perhaps you should take the time to learn what Riverview is all about, what their core values are, and what their vision is.

Until I got to witness it first hand, I didn't understand just how much Riverview cares about the people of Morris, its surrounding areas, their employees, cows, and anyone who comes in contact with their farms. I have been on many large dairies across the U.S., and although they all work hard to create a positive image, Riverview really goes above and beyond. They care about treating their employees well and that they are respectful of the outside communities they live in. They also have immaculately landscaped farms so that their people can take pride in the place they work and the community sees them as a beautiful part of their town.

I would encourage you to take the time to reach out and ask them for a tour. I am sure they'd be willing to show you around and how what they do has a positive influence on your area. I enjoyed being in your town for the past two days and I hope to visit again. Thank you. And by the way, the best donuts I ever had were at the donut shop in town!

Billy Lapp

Clarence Center, N.Y.