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Letters to the Editor

Kettle Campaign

a success

On behalf of the clients the Salvation Army will be able to serve, we would like to thankf the community for its support. We raised more than $10,000 during out Christmas Kettle Campaign.

More than 25 individuals and 14 groups rang bells to make this possible. Their contributions are a shining example of the true spirit of Christmas.

To everyone who supported our Christmas Kettle efforts, pleas know how valuable your contributions are.

Verna Zeiher

Chair, Stevens County Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign

Minnesota has

its own kooks

It seems more and more people are not reading newspapers. People I know say the editorials are so liberal and the cartoons so vicious they can't trust that what the reporters write is not also liberally slanted.

A case in point is the New York Times. When the Muslim Army officer shot and killed the soldiers at Fort Hood, the New York Times wrote an editorial that said we should not jump to conclusions, that even though the shooter said he was a Muslim and that he screamed "Allah is great" when he did the shooting, he might not had killed and wounded the soldiers, because he was a Muslim.

Yet, when the Tucson man, who nearly everyone admits is a kook, kills six people, the New York Times immediately said the man was motivated to kill by Sarah Palin's Web site, the Tea Party, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, to mention a few. The Times forget to mention that when President Obama was running for the office, he said that if the Republicans come at Democrats with knives they'll come back with guns. He was speaking of bills that Republicans did not like, but he brought up the gun issue.

And even the Los Angeles Times, usually considered one of the leading newspapers, ran an editorial last Wednesday, long after everyone was asked to cool it, blaming the right wing for the shooting.

Everyone needs to tone down the rhetoric. And those of us who spend our winters in Arizona resent the national news media saying we are a gun-toting, racist state. Minnesota has had its share of kooks, with and without guns, who have killed people.

Ted Storck

Surprise, Ariz.