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Letters to the Editor

Get involved

in vets groups

Veterans' Day was observed again this month, with many communities having parades, speeches and events to honor those who served our country in war and in keeping the peace.

If you are a veteran, you are urged to join one or more of the veterans' posts: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and AmVets. And if someone in your family qualifies for one of these organizations, and you do not, join an auxiliary or the Sons of the American Legion.

Membership in one of these organization gives strength when the leaders go to Congress for funding for Veterans Hospitals, Veterans Homes and other needs of veterans. The VFW, for instance, has played an instrumental role in every significant piece of veterans' legislation passed in the 20th and 21st centuries. And the VFW, Legion and AmVets continue to advocate for numerous veterans' issues, including VA health care, VA benefits and compensation, employment, and education. They assist older veterans, as well as younger veterans returning from today's wars, as well as working for those who will be veterans in years to come.

Membership privileges include going to medical centers in Montevideo, Fargo, Alexandria, St. Cloud, Fort Snelling and Fergus Falls.

The veteran posts in Stevens County provide free transportation to these centers via the county van for vets. (Contact the veterans service officer at 320-589-7419 for scheduling).

Some other privileges for belonging to the VFW, Legion, AmVets include free life insurance policies, prescriptions drugs for a co-pay, and, if you are low-income, even free prescriptions.

So that is what you can gain by being a member of the local posts, but there is also support in the communities. There is the honor guard for funerals, color guards for parades, the sponsorship of youth baseball teams, Voice of Democracy for high school students, Americanism projects for elementary students, donations to many local organizations, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, post prom committee, for area schools, hospice, food shelf, meet the candidates and others. The auxiliary has weekly sewing projects, as well as many other projects.

You are eligible to join the VFW if you were in any of ours wars, including the present wars. The Legion and AmVets are open to all veterans, whether they served overseas or not. Sons of the American Legion and the auxiliaries are open to those with certain relatives who served. Contact a member or the commander to ask about joining. Or simply show up at a meeting. The Sons of the American Legion meets at 8 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month, AmVets meets at 8 p.m. the third Monday of the month and the Legion meets at 8 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month, all at the Legion in Morris. The VFW members meet the third Tuesday in the lower level of Old #1 Bar and Grill in Morris.

Support those who supported you when on duty, and still support you and will support you when the need arises.

Ted Storck

Surprise, Arizona

Please consider

the Wish Tree

Once again, the Morris Area Women of today are honored to be putting up the Wish Tree for needy children in our community and are thankful to Pamida for hosting the Tree, and for the Salvation Army for distributing the gifts. This year we have over 250 ornaments on the tree, each representing a child. We ask this year that gifts be returned unwrapped to the store by Dec. 14. The gifts will be delivered to the Armory for distribution the following Saturday.

Last year we had such a tremendous outpouring of generosity: we are truly blessed to live in a community where we pitch in to help those less fortunate. Please consider taking a tag, and to return the bottom portion of the tag, along with your unwrapped gift (or in an open gift bag) by the return date. Thank you.

Debi Economou

Morris Area Women of Today