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Letters to the Editor

Gone cancer!

I am so proud to see the use of the color pink throughout the country in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The volleyball team of Morris Area-Chokio-Alberta looked wonderful in their pink shirts. Wow!

Pink hair extensions by the beauty salons were great to promote the cause, also, as were the pink cupcakes shaped into a pink ribbon at Willie's Super Valu. And did you see the use of pink at Minnesota Vikings' games? Go Vikings! Gone cancer!

Carol Voorhees


Praise for firefighters

Every year, when we get the supplement salute to firefighters, I intend to write about them. We are so fortunate to have those men to protect us and help everyone who needs them. I think it speaks volumes about what kind of people they are. It especially moves me when I see that some of them are third generation firefighters -- probably some longer, but that's as far back as I know and remember.

Our personal contact with the firefighters was for a garage/shop fire we had, and also when we were worried about a hot electrical receptacle in our basement. Someone came out to check out if it could cause a fire behind it. Both contacts were early in the early morning hours. I think of those men whenever I hear sirens during the night in mid-winter. They are indeed our heroes.

Thank you firefighters and police for watching over us. They work hand-in-hand. Bless them all.

Lyle and Donna Christiansen